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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning with Jeff Ponting

You've worked hard, now it's time to reap the benefits in retirement. But will you have enough money to do the things you want to do, now that the regular nine to five is over? With expert help and advice from Jeff Ponting and his team, you can plan now to secure the retirement you deserve.


What is retirement income planning?

Retirement income planning ensures that your savings, investments and pensions will support the lifestyle you want in retirement. Effective retirement planning involves checking your existing investments and policies, working out how much extra you might need to save, and ways to provide an income after you retire, such as annuities.


How much will I need to save for retirement?

There is no fixed amount you will need in the bank to retire. It all depends on h=what you want to live in retirement. Retirement planning balances your needs and plans beyond working with the reality of your financial position. A retirement plan can help you set goals, work out how much is required to lead the life you want to in retirement, and choose investments to fund it.


When should I start planning for retirement?

The earlier, the better! Even modest amounts saved at the start of your working career will usually outperform larger payments made later in life. However, if you've left it until a little later in life, there are various ways to boost your post-retirement income and maximise the investments and savings you have already.


How Jeff can help

As an experienced financial advisor, Jeff can help you plan for your retirement with confidence. He'll talk through your current financial position, assess the potential of your existing savings and investments, including any pension, and help formulate a wealth management plan that's best suited to your needs.


For retirement planning advice you can trust, call Jeff on 519-485-5801

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