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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance from Jeff Ponting

Disability insurance offers you peace of mind that if you have an accident and are unable to continue to work, you won't be without some form of income.


At the Ponting Financial Group, we have years of experience in tailoring disability insurance to our client's needs. Which is just as well, as 1 in 3 people will be disabled for 90 days or more at least once before the age of 65.


What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance provides you with a monthly cash payment if you are unable to work through illness or injury. The insurance will replace part of your lost income, so you can only take a disability insurance policy if you are currently working for a company or are self-employed.


Financial assistance when you need it most

Disability insurance covers you in the crucial weeks and months after an accident or illness, when you are recovering but unable to

work. Regular payments from your policy will help maintain your lifestyle and pay the bills, so you can concentrate on recovering rather than stressing about money.


Key features of disability insurance

  • Monthly cash payments
  • Financial security during your recovery
  • Guaranteed income when you cannot work
  • Replaces between 60-85% of your regular income
  • Payouts are tax free if you pay the premiums yourself
  • Payouts are taxed if your employer pays the premiums


Group benefits disability insurance

You may already have disability insurance from your employer as part of a group benefits plan, but this may be limited in scope. We can help you choose a policy that supplements what your group benefits offers, making it more suitable for your requirements. This also applies to workers’ compensation and benefits under the Canada Pension Plan. 

How Jeff can help

Most insurance is cheaper if you buy it while you're relatively young and healthy, and this is particularly true for disability insurance. Jeff and his team will be happy to advise on the range of disability insurance options for all ages, and help you select which one best suits your needs. We can also help with 'top up' insurance for group benefit holders.


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